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It’s springtime – and that means it’s time to make sure your outdoor waterways, decorative water gardens and Koi ponds are clear and clean, and ready for warmer weather. Over the winter, most ponds and waterways build up many layers of toxic, murky pollutants and sediments, from the residues of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This buildup of toxins is has an especially detrimental effect on Koi fish. In the spring, these toxins and muck turn quickly to microbiotic overgrowth, algae and other scum that will suppress the balanced ecosystem in your wetland area or pond, be very harmful to your trout or Koi, and generally become a very expensive problem.

There is one way to clarify, purify, and polish your water naturally, removing and repairing winter’s damage. TerraPond by California Earth Minerals is a 100% natural cleansing and regenerative clay mineral compound for ponds and waterways. TerraPond is made from ION-MIN, a premium calcium montmorillonite clay-based ionic mineral powder, well known for its natural water purification and decontamination properties. It can quickly revive turbid, murky waters and restore aquatic environments to crystal clean water habitats that your Koi or other aquatic residents will thrive within. According to expert Koi breeders, natural clay-lined ponds provide the very best Koi environment. Calcium montmorillonite clay for Koi ponds and waterways provides for better health and vitality, coloration, stronger immune systems, and a greater likelihood of a healthy life.

TerraPond’s negative magnetic charge bonds with positively charged impurities (pathogens, toxins, decomposed organic materials, etc.) creating micro-encapsulated particles larger in size and weight. This electrical ion exchange process is also referred to as “flocculation”, and the increased mass that results can be safely removed by most bio filtration systems. In natural ponds (non-filtered) or larger lake environments (where the recommended application of TerraPond is in powdered form), these enlarged and heavier particles sink to the pond floor and safely decompose. This process is very similar to leaves dropping in the forest and decomposing/composting over time.

Take time right now as winter ends to inspect your backyard or landscaping Koi ponds or other decorative waterways hosting aquatic life. Before spring gets fully underway, buy TerraPond natural water purification powder containing premium calcium montmorillonite, and add it to your ponds – ensuring healthy, active Koi or other fish, and crystal clear, pure pond water. Purifying, cleaning and clarifying your Koi ponds in the springtime is as important as fertilizing your new lawns and gardens, and is in fact absolutely necessary to counteract the oversupply of toxins and pesticides that run off into your waterways.

TerraPond natural Koi pond clarifier, water treatment and water purifier products can be obtained online at California Earth Minerals, the premium provider of calcium montmorillonite clay-based products and calcium mineral supplements for personal or environmental use.


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