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How much is a billboard worth in terms of brand awareness? 5.6 billion dollars was spent on physical billboards in the U.S. during 2008, but how does that translate to the virtual world of computers, to online Internet billboards?

California Earth Minerals has begun a program of internet marketing and brand proliferation for brand awareness helping words like Terramin, Terrapak and Nutramin to be more easily recognized.  In a memo to his staff (or family as he calls them) Ray Kong, CEO wrote, “The natural health movement is creating interest in edible clay and we need to recognize the importance of having our brands known.”  Internet “billboarding”, otherwise known as online advertising and search engine marketing, is a natural and popular way to introduce products to web surfers.

“We are beginning with new ads posted on eBay and adding our brand names to many websites and social media destinations on the internet.” states Deborah Kong, Executive VP.  “We want people visiting other sites to see the names of our brands, even if they are not presently taking clay.  Later, when they hear friends speaking about the product, they feel more receptive about what they are hearing”.

California Earth Minerals believes internet billboarding will heighten the awareness of CEMC brands for visitors to those sites where the billboards reside. “What the eyes see, the brain remembers” states Deborah. “We are proud to announce to our Affiliates, Dealers and Distributors that this type of support will help spread the good word of Montmorillonite Clay and the many benefits that it brings to those who use it.  We think they all will experience increased sales with the interest that surely will follow.” Deborah continues, “As we expand this initiative, we will get more listings in the search engines, YouTube, eBay and on affiliate sites. We expect to see a rise in the interest level of the new natural market of shoppers and they will want to try this 100% natural approach to better health.”

“This type of natural advertising is better received than more intrusive marketing messages like unsolicited emails or pop-ups.” states Jim Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We just want people to realize that there is an effective natural health solution available should folks wish to try it for themselves.” He continues, “and we figure that computer shoppers should be introduced to Terramin and our other great products in a very natural manner as they browse the web.”

Frank Cheng, CEMC’s accountant stated they had just refurbished the order cart on www.CaliforniaEarthMinerals.com  and streamlined shipping methods in anticipation of the increase in business.  “Our business is growing, and the additional business this move will bring won’t cause a problem because of  our newly improved methods and with a smile” he quips, “let it begin, we are ready!”


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