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With the growing costs of health care and the increased awareness individuals have on their health and fitness, many people consider taking some form of nutritional supplement as part of their daily routine. This is especially true if your goal is to detoxify your body to remove harmful substances such as heavy metals and other dangerous materials. Here are a few things you should know about supplements that can aid in natural detoxification.

First, you should consider ionic mineral supplements that contain Calcium Montmorillonite. This is a mineral compound found only in a few places on Earth in a condition of high enough quality to be used as a detoxification aid. However, despite the fact that this material is somewhat difficult to come by, there are some compelling reasons for choosing a supplement that contains this compound.

Calcium Montmorillonite helps detoxify your body in a number of ways. First, it provide fast-acting cleansing of your body by immediately attracting and adhering to substances that weaken your body. These substances can include heavy metals, bacteria, toxins or other materials that are an unfortunate part of the daily diets for many of us, no matter how healthy our eating habits. Calcium Montmorillonite also has long-term effects when taken regularly. By taking Calcium Montmorillonite in regular portions, generally between meals, it continues to purge your body of heavy metals and other substances that can line your stomach wall, colon and other organs.

But in addition to a supplement that detoxifies your body, you may also want to consider something that adds vital ionic trace minerals to your system. The unfortunate truth is that many of us simply don’t get enough of the essential macro, micro and trace minerals our bodies need. By selecting a natural nutritional supplement that detoxifies your body while also enriching it with essential minerals, you’ll benefit from the ultimate daily health supplement.

One especially important mineral you should ensure is included in your supplement is silica. Silica helps your body metabolize calcium, collagen and other substances that are often found in greater quantity in our bodies than we can fully process. In fact, in most industrialized countries we don’t get nearly enough silica in our daily diets, which means we can’t take full advantage of some of the minerals we consume. By making sure your supplement includes silica, you’ll be helping your body get enough of this necessary, key mineral to aid in overall body function. And as with water soluble vitamins, your body will generally use whatever it needs, then discard the rest as you go throughout your day.

Finally, as with anything else health-related, you should consult a physician if you’re taking any prescription medications or are pregnant before you start taking any supplement, though you can find supplements that do not cause any adverse reactions with other drugs. You may also want to look for a all-natural detoxification supplement that does not trigger allergies, is non-toxic and has no known side-effects.


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California based Zion Health launched this past Fall the world’s first ever clay based deodorant in a move that taps in to the growing demand for natural personal care products that avert strong chemicals.

“…the company’s clay deodorant works by incorporating calcium montmorillonite clay – a type of clay that contains more than sixty trace minerals that work to balance the skin’s pH levels.”

“Likewise, this type of clay also contains anti-bacterial properties that have traditionally been used by Native Indians to heal wounds and absorb poisons, in turn lending the deodorant added properties.”

Zion Health chose California Earth Mineral’s ION-MIN® because it is a premium, all natural compound with measurable ionic charge and extremely fine mineral particles. It has been on the market for decades and has considerable research supporting it.

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Lets get right to the premise: We live in a stressful world. There are both good stresses and bad stresses. Bad stresses can be overcome by a lifestyle that includes nutrition as a stress reduction pathway. Good stress can replace the pressures and anxieties of life, but only if our minds and bodies are provided the nutrition needed to cope and prevail. Without the nutritional building blocks for mental and physical health, our stress will overwhelm us.

Bad stress generates physical toxicity in our bodies. Such stress-induced toxicity arises from natural internal responses to stressors, including the tremendous pressure of social isolation and poor self esteem.

Detoxifying ionic minerals such as calcium montmorillonite “edible” clay are a perfect counter for such physical toxicity…read more about Stress Nutrition here…

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