It’s that time of year again. That food-filled season when, yet again, you’re looking for a weight reduction program that will work, during and long after the celebrations…unlike last year’s diet or “weight loss plan.” It is frustrating. It can even be depressing, despite the holiday cheer. But don’t lose hope.

At the end of each year, millions of people around the world take a critical look at themselves and resolve to improve something. The most popular resolution, year after year, is weight loss. Unfortunately, year after year, most are not successful in finding a weight reduction program that yields results. That is, until they discover Serotonin-Plus.

Serotonin-Plus weight control clinic works. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 150, our medical weight loss center is a safe and effective weight reduction program that ensures this is the last year you’ll sit scanning the ‘net for a new diet plan for the New Year. We tailor weight loss diet plans to each individual’s unique needs, capabilities and — of course — limitations and challenges. Ninety-nine percent of participants successfully lose weight with our medically supervised program, and patients are re-evaluated until optimal weight loss is achieved. The weight reduction program is so carefully planned you can achieve results despite your busy schedule, and all with the help of a weight loss doctor.

The key in this physician weight loss center is the “medical jumpstart”: our patented serotonin supplement, Serotonin Formula™. This unique appetite suppressant naturally assists weight loss by ending overeating, especially when it comes to curbing those nasty carbohydrate cravings. It works by stabilizing serotonin, a naturally existing chemical in your brain. When not in balance, serotonin has been found to increase carbohydrate cravings, binge eating and depression — three major challenges to weight loss. As a medical weight loss center, we also use an FDA approved prescription in some cases to help boost a patient’s metabolism, which can be crucial to achieving results.

But beware of weight reduction programs that promise you weight loss with just a pill. The Serotonin Formula and metabolism booster only compliment the lifestyle and behavorial changes that lead to long lasting results. Our weight control clinic covers all the bases by educating patients on dietary guidelines and arming them with realistic exercise routines.

The most comforting aspect of the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program is the medical supervision and professional standards. This isn’t just a diet. It’s a physician weight loss center with proven results. We take detailed readings of your body before, during and after the program, and medical staff is available and active throughout. The Serotonin Formula was developed by Robert Posner, M.D., a leading researcher in weight loss, a national lecturer and author of three books about serotonin and weight loss, and an internal medicine specialist. Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program’s qualified staff is trained to handle the variety of issues related to safe, responsible weight loss.

Make this the last year you search endlessly for a weight reduction program that works. Let the Serotonin-Plus physician weight loss center help you realize your New Year’s Resolution once and for all.


For all you moms and women out there, detoxing away – here are some fabulous at-home exercise and workout videos and guidance to melt those pounds, maintain fitness and rejuvenate your life!

SqueezeItIn.com was just launched–a website and online community featuring dynamic videos of exercises and a content-rich blog designed to help you make simple, effective exercises a part of your daily routine.

From doing Hot Squats with a hair-dryer to Va-va-va Vacuuming your way to toned thighs, SqueezeItIn.com shows you how to make fitness fit into the busiest schedules.

Read more at Modern Moms and Women

How much is a billboard worth in terms of brand awareness? 5.6 billion dollars was spent on physical billboards in the U.S. during 2008, but how does that translate to the virtual world of computers, to online Internet billboards?

California Earth Minerals has begun a program of internet marketing and brand proliferation for brand awareness helping words like Terramin, Terrapak and Nutramin to be more easily recognized.  In a memo to his staff (or family as he calls them) Ray Kong, CEO wrote, “The natural health movement is creating interest in edible clay and we need to recognize the importance of having our brands known.”  Internet “billboarding”, otherwise known as online advertising and search engine marketing, is a natural and popular way to introduce products to web surfers.

“We are beginning with new ads posted on eBay and adding our brand names to many websites and social media destinations on the internet.” states Deborah Kong, Executive VP.  “We want people visiting other sites to see the names of our brands, even if they are not presently taking clay.  Later, when they hear friends speaking about the product, they feel more receptive about what they are hearing”.

California Earth Minerals believes internet billboarding will heighten the awareness of CEMC brands for visitors to those sites where the billboards reside. “What the eyes see, the brain remembers” states Deborah. “We are proud to announce to our Affiliates, Dealers and Distributors that this type of support will help spread the good word of Montmorillonite Clay and the many benefits that it brings to those who use it.  We think they all will experience increased sales with the interest that surely will follow.” Deborah continues, “As we expand this initiative, we will get more listings in the search engines, YouTube, eBay and on affiliate sites. We expect to see a rise in the interest level of the new natural market of shoppers and they will want to try this 100% natural approach to better health.”

“This type of natural advertising is better received than more intrusive marketing messages like unsolicited emails or pop-ups.” states Jim Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We just want people to realize that there is an effective natural health solution available should folks wish to try it for themselves.” He continues, “and we figure that computer shoppers should be introduced to Terramin and our other great products in a very natural manner as they browse the web.”

Frank Cheng, CEMC’s accountant stated they had just refurbished the order cart on www.CaliforniaEarthMinerals.com  and streamlined shipping methods in anticipation of the increase in business.  “Our business is growing, and the additional business this move will bring won’t cause a problem because of  our newly improved methods and with a smile” he quips, “let it begin, we are ready!”

Removing harmful toxins from the environment, your body and your Koi pond is certainly a necessary, straightforward thing to do….get rid of the bad stuff, so the good stuff can grow, thrive and blow bubbles. But “toxins” come in many forms, including elements of your life, your personality, and your habits that interfere with your success, growth, mental health and happiness. Here’s a few suggestions and resources regarding detoxifying your life, lifestyle, and work/life balance.

Note these suggestions and resources are exceptionally relevant and helpful to you Moms out there – juggling and balancing incredible demands of family, personal life and health, professions, hobbies and other activities.

Detoxifying clay, i.e. calcium montmorillonite in edible or absorptive form, is a very crucial mineral supplement that can eliminate or reduce – through ionic mineral action – the presence of many harmful toxins, chemicals and minerals in your system (and Koi pond). It can and should be an essential part of you and your family’s diet, including your pets!

Personal life coaching is something to seriously consider, and hire professional assistance for, to help build and maintain self-esteem, confidence, reduce stress and generally achieve a much more balanced and proactive outlook on life and dealing with life’s challenges. Detoxify your life environment – here’s a Louisville, KY Personal Life Coach who’s both well-known and trusted as a professional life coaching expert. Life improvements through personal coaching range from money management and philanthropic activities (like helping nonprofits raise money through charity raffles), to family management, nutrition and both body and mental exercise.

Executive coaching and business/career coaching can be a crucial tool for exploring, creating and growing professional opportunities as you develop additional or enhanced executive management skills and presence – particulary for those of you re-entering the workforce, changing jobs or careers, or simply looking to get that “boost” you need to land a more profitable and responsible position. Here’s a Northern Virginia Executive Coaching resource who’s quite popular in the Metro Washington DC area.

Detoxify your office and work environment – this is a very serious and significant action to consider, from making sure your personal working space and shared work areas are hygenic, clean and safe, to understanding whether or not the facility office janitorial services are effective, comprehensive and provide all necessary environmental detox capabilities from carpet cleaning, to air purification and construction cleanup. Washington DC’s premier Office Janitorial Service from Mister Kleen is a great example of a company to turn to, for making sure your office or commercial facility is addressing the environmental toxins in the work environment on a regular or emergency basis.

While removing toxins from your body is a very important element of good health, weight and physical fitness is also an extremely critical part of good mental and physical health – yet can be very hard to address among all your other family, professional or social responsibilities. Plus it takes incredible motivation, consistency and for some, expensive equipment or facilities. However, there are some excellent sources of inpiration, guidance and help for finding time and motivation to exercise – letting “life be your workout”. SqueezeitIn offers a fantastic array of online guidance, tips and techniques for generating workouts among and between other daily activities – it’s a whole new way to think about exercise. With Squeeze It In every chore, every errand, everything you do is an opportunity to get firmer, slimmer, stronger – leveraging easy home fitness workout methods. Missing a day at the gym doesn’t have to mean missing a workout when you learn how to “Squeeze It In”!.

This next resource is a bit tongue-in-cheek – but – it’s well known that alcohol kills germs; and there’s some scientific evidence that routine (though not excessive) consumption of red wine or beer provides some health benefits…so, detoxify your mental stress, and disinfect your digestive tract, by visiting your local brewmaster; make a special effort to visit the Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest, in Loudoun County, VA for great beer, great food, great music and an altogether detoxifying experience!

It’s springtime – and that means it’s time to make sure your outdoor waterways, decorative water gardens and Koi ponds are clear and clean, and ready for warmer weather. Over the winter, most ponds and waterways build up many layers of toxic, murky pollutants and sediments, from the residues of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This buildup of toxins is has an especially detrimental effect on Koi fish. In the spring, these toxins and muck turn quickly to microbiotic overgrowth, algae and other scum that will suppress the balanced ecosystem in your wetland area or pond, be very harmful to your trout or Koi, and generally become a very expensive problem.

There is one way to clarify, purify, and polish your water naturally, removing and repairing winter’s damage. TerraPond by California Earth Minerals is a 100% natural cleansing and regenerative clay mineral compound for ponds and waterways. TerraPond is made from ION-MIN, a premium calcium montmorillonite clay-based ionic mineral powder, well known for its natural water purification and decontamination properties. It can quickly revive turbid, murky waters and restore aquatic environments to crystal clean water habitats that your Koi or other aquatic residents will thrive within. According to expert Koi breeders, natural clay-lined ponds provide the very best Koi environment. Calcium montmorillonite clay for Koi ponds and waterways provides for better health and vitality, coloration, stronger immune systems, and a greater likelihood of a healthy life.

TerraPond’s negative magnetic charge bonds with positively charged impurities (pathogens, toxins, decomposed organic materials, etc.) creating micro-encapsulated particles larger in size and weight. This electrical ion exchange process is also referred to as “flocculation”, and the increased mass that results can be safely removed by most bio filtration systems. In natural ponds (non-filtered) or larger lake environments (where the recommended application of TerraPond is in powdered form), these enlarged and heavier particles sink to the pond floor and safely decompose. This process is very similar to leaves dropping in the forest and decomposing/composting over time.

Take time right now as winter ends to inspect your backyard or landscaping Koi ponds or other decorative waterways hosting aquatic life. Before spring gets fully underway, buy TerraPond natural water purification powder containing premium calcium montmorillonite, and add it to your ponds – ensuring healthy, active Koi or other fish, and crystal clear, pure pond water. Purifying, cleaning and clarifying your Koi ponds in the springtime is as important as fertilizing your new lawns and gardens, and is in fact absolutely necessary to counteract the oversupply of toxins and pesticides that run off into your waterways.

TerraPond natural Koi pond clarifier, water treatment and water purifier products can be obtained online at California Earth Minerals, the premium provider of calcium montmorillonite clay-based products and calcium mineral supplements for personal or environmental use.

We’re tweeting about natural detoxification with organic, ionic clay minerals.

With the growing costs of health care and the increased awareness individuals have on their health and fitness, many people consider taking some form of nutritional supplement as part of their daily routine. This is especially true if your goal is to detoxify your body to remove harmful substances such as heavy metals and other dangerous materials. Here are a few things you should know about supplements that can aid in natural detoxification.

First, you should consider ionic mineral supplements that contain Calcium Montmorillonite. This is a mineral compound found only in a few places on Earth in a condition of high enough quality to be used as a detoxification aid. However, despite the fact that this material is somewhat difficult to come by, there are some compelling reasons for choosing a supplement that contains this compound.

Calcium Montmorillonite helps detoxify your body in a number of ways. First, it provide fast-acting cleansing of your body by immediately attracting and adhering to substances that weaken your body. These substances can include heavy metals, bacteria, toxins or other materials that are an unfortunate part of the daily diets for many of us, no matter how healthy our eating habits. Calcium Montmorillonite also has long-term effects when taken regularly. By taking Calcium Montmorillonite in regular portions, generally between meals, it continues to purge your body of heavy metals and other substances that can line your stomach wall, colon and other organs.

But in addition to a supplement that detoxifies your body, you may also want to consider something that adds vital ionic trace minerals to your system. The unfortunate truth is that many of us simply don’t get enough of the essential macro, micro and trace minerals our bodies need. By selecting a natural nutritional supplement that detoxifies your body while also enriching it with essential minerals, you’ll benefit from the ultimate daily health supplement.

One especially important mineral you should ensure is included in your supplement is silica. Silica helps your body metabolize calcium, collagen and other substances that are often found in greater quantity in our bodies than we can fully process. In fact, in most industrialized countries we don’t get nearly enough silica in our daily diets, which means we can’t take full advantage of some of the minerals we consume. By making sure your supplement includes silica, you’ll be helping your body get enough of this necessary, key mineral to aid in overall body function. And as with water soluble vitamins, your body will generally use whatever it needs, then discard the rest as you go throughout your day.

Finally, as with anything else health-related, you should consult a physician if you’re taking any prescription medications or are pregnant before you start taking any supplement, though you can find supplements that do not cause any adverse reactions with other drugs. You may also want to look for a all-natural detoxification supplement that does not trigger allergies, is non-toxic and has no known side-effects.